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Student Services is now accepting reservations from students who first make College application through the Financial Planning Office. The Financial Planning Office will assist candidates in budgeting guidelines for tuition and housing. A SmartSuites reservation application may be made during the Financial Planning process ... through a referral to Student Services.

A call to 919.488.8504 will get you started.


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Start with yourself. Candidates for Admission to the College, can now make application for residence. Plan to find out more.


Living Arts College
3000 Wakefield Crossing Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27614
Tel: 919-488-8500
3010 Wakefield Crossing Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27614
Tel: 919-488-8500

Student Services reviews and approves all SmartSuites applications. Candidates are alerted that current government Grants and Loans may not include any housing support. There are exceptions offered by the Federal government depending on rigid polices set by government agencies. We will, however, help you explore options. Plan on getting the key to all of the details starting with your Admissions Officer. We are interested in assisting you with planning campus life. Contact the College soon— Don't miss the opportunity for the Suite life.